Presa Canario

Окрас:  Brindle
Пол:  кобель
Владелец:  Manuel Curto Gracia. Питомник "Irema Curto" (Tenerife, Spain)

О собаке

"...Manolito said us that no longer he had presa dogs, a long time ago I bred a litter and one of the puppies I gave it to a man of... Manolito Alemán said us where lived the man to whom he had given the puppy of presa, several years ago. I do not know if that dog will still live, said while said goodbye to us. The puppy that Manolito Alemán gave to which he put the name Boby was alive, and I bought him a short while after speaking with Manolito Alemán in six thousand pesetas, of that time..." Boby was owned by Manuel Curto and bred by Manuel Aleman in Arucas , Gran Canaria NULL


К сожалению, у нас нет данных о родителях собаки...